I made myself a snowball
As perfect as could be.
I thought I'd keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me.
I made it some pajamas
And a pillow for its head.
Then last night it ran away,
But first--it wet the bed.

By: Shel Silverstein

First Day of Winter

Fall has fallen
Winter rises.
Now's the time
For cold surprises.

Icicles' long pointed noses,
Flakes like daisies, diamonds, roses.
Snow up to the windowsill
And everything so very still.

By: Patricia Hubbell


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File Folder Games

Mitten Game
Snowman Game
Snowflake Game
Igloo Game
Penguin Antonyms

The students will match the penguin antonyms and then write them on the answer sheet.



I found snowman stickers at Oriental Trading and created 4 Math Mats using 4 different types of snowman stickers. Math Mat 1 has the least amount of each sticker with each Math Mat gradually increasing the number of each snowman until Math Mat 4, which has the most of each snowman. Students use the Snowman Graph to help catagorize each Math Mat.


I use icecube trays I found at the Dollar Store, small snowman erasers I found at Oriental Trading and a number cube. Two students will play this game together. Students will take turns rolling the number cube to see how many slots in the icecube tray they will fill in with snowmen. The first one to fill in all slots wins! But it gets tricky at the end when the student will have to roll exact numbers to complete the try.


2 snowballs for girls,
3 for boys

Cut out your color eyes for your snowman

Carrot nose if you like reading best,
celery nose for math

black top hat if winter is your favorite season, winter cap (ski cap) if another season is

1 button if you come to school in a car,
2 buttons if you walk,
3 buttons if you come by bus.

Scarf to the left if you are left handed,
to the right if you are right handed.

Web Quests

Winter Wonderland
Animals in Winter
Meeting in the Mitten

Extra Extra


Snowman Take-Home


Snowy Day Activity Cards

Winter Crossword Puzzle

Snowman Flash Cards

Word Search


Color Pages

Snowman, Mom and child
Iceskating Bear


Snowman Bottle seen on The Virtual Vine

Fill an empty, clear water bottle with white crepe paper or tissue paper. Replace the top. Cut or gouge out a hole in a styrofoam ball so that the top of the bottle will fit snugly inside. Add a little hot glue, then stick the ball onto the bottle. Cut a hat, mouth, and buttons from black felt. Cut a carrot nose from orange felt. Glue these on as well as two "wiggly" eyes onto the styrofoam ball. Cut out a scarf from red or blue felt. Tie around the neck of the bottle and fringe the ends. If desired, add arms made of brown pipecleaners or real twigs. The pipecleaners can either be glued on, or a tiny hole can be punched in each side and the pipecleaners and /or twigs inserted.


Snowflake craft

Snowflake Pattern

The Making of a Snowflake


Winter Writing Prompts
Make a Paper Snowflake or a Snowflake Card
Snowman Lined Paper
Discriptive Paragraph
Ice Skates Shape Book
Snow Similies
Snowman Poem Form
Snowy Day Writing Prompt
Snowflake Shape Book Pattern
With Lines
Snowflake Writing Paper
Comparing Snowmen
Winter Acrostic Poem
Snowman Venn Diagram
Mitten Venn Diagram
Comparing Winter Animals
Winter Words

Martin Luther King

Color Page and Lines
Reading Comprehension
KWL Chart
Poetry Prompt
Writing Paper
I Have A Dream Writing Prompt
Report Form
Word Search
In the Classroom
Web Quest
Scavenger Hunt

Animals in Winter

How do animals spend the winter?
What do animals do in winter?
Winter Animals
On-line Coloring
Activity Cards
Winter Animal Zoo
Find the Animals Graph
Waddle and Hop
Did You Ever Wonder?
Animals That Hibernate


Alaska Cam
The Wolf in Alaska
Alaska Kids
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